Tinder brings back interactive event 'Swipe Night'; How it

Nov 1, 2021 · The first “Swipe Night’s” 20 million users saw a 26% increase in matches, noted Tinder. And now, interest in the “true crime” genre is at an all-time high, with bios mentioning it having ...read more


Tinder Renews Original Series ‘Swipe Night’ for Second

Feb 27, 2020 · Half of Tinder’s users are 18-25 years old, the company estimated. Total users amount to 50 million, according to reports. “Working on ‘Swipe Night’ was such a fulfilling experience for me. ...read more


Swipe Night: Killer Weekend - What We Know So Far - Looper

Nov 5, 2021 · To find Swipe Night: Killer Weekend, navigate to Tinder's Explore page, denoted by the small window icon on the menu along the bottom of the app screen. Starting Nov. 7 at 6 p.m., you should see ...read more


Tinder launches apocalyptic Swipe Night experience in the UK

Sep 20, 2019 · Tinder is about to modernize the choose-your-own-adventure plot. Today, the company confirmed rumors that it's launching an original show, Swipe Night. In true Tinder style, you'll watch on your ...read more


Here's How Tinder Swipe Night: Killer Weekend Works

Swipe Night created a cultural moment that disrupted the norms of dating, entertainment & beyond, reclaiming Tinder’s throne as the dating-app innovator. Millions tuned in. More viewers than the entire 2018/2019 seasons of some of TV’s most popular shows, including Saturday Night Live & The Bachelorette. The premiere had 4x the viewership ...read more


TINDER SWIPE NIGHT Killer Weekend: Episode 3 FINALE (Full

Swipe Night is a first-person, interactive event where Tinder members can swipe at key points in the experience to move the story forward and see where it takes them. Their choices dictate more than just the story; they also impact who they match with and what they might chat about once the epic journey ends. ...read more


Swipe Night | Tinder

Sep 4, 2020 · Tinder’s “Swipe Night” is going global. The dating app announced today that its interactive video series will be available in Asia and other international markets starting on September 12 ...read more


Swipe Night - Cresta Awards

Sep 4, 2020 · Tinder launched Swipe Night in the U.S. back in late 2019, but had to cancel its global launch of Swipe Night in March 2020 specifically citing the apocalyptic theme and the coronavirus pandemic ...read more


'Swipe Night: Killer Weekend': Meet the Characters of

Jan 24, 2022 · In order to make various choices throughout the story, you swipe left or right, just as you do when perusing the dating app. Tinder also implemented features into the "Swipe Night" viewing ...read more


Tinder Newsroom - News

Nov 3, 2021 · Tinder has announced the return of the “Swipe Night”, its interactive in-app event that allows its users another way to break the ice besides just matching and chatting. The Swipe Night story is a first-person adventure where at key turning points, users get to decide what happens next. ...read more


Tinder's interactive video event 'Swipe Night' will launch in

Nov 20, 2021 · Watch now: Full walkthrough of Tinder Swipe Night Episode 3 - the Finale. In this video, we break down the last episode of the killer weekend series and reve AboutPressCopyrightContact ...read more


Tinder's new murder mystery-themed 'Swipe Night' returns

We reached out to the creative minds behind Tinder: Swipe Night to learn just how they made this Webby-winning interactive adventure. Hear from 72andSunny’s Senior Writer, Senior Art Director and Senior Film Producer, as well as M ss ng P eces’ Head of Immersion on working across teams to create a choose-your-own adventure to match Tinder users. ...read more


Tinder's interactive 'Swipe Night' stories return

Nov 1, 2021 · Sasie Sealy ( Lucky Grandma) has come aboard to direct the return of Tinder’s award-winning Swipe Night series. Main cast Benjy Caught in his friendly lure one moment, and his contempt the next, Benjy’s magnetic personality has certainly caused drama amongst his friends. In the end, some friends are more loyal than others. Main ...read more


A Guide To Tinder – Tinder

Nov 6, 2021 · Online dating can be a risky game — you either win a sweet prize or experience complete disaster with each swipe — but dating app Tinder is creating new levels of romance through its ...read more


What is Tinder 'Swipe Night'? Interactive Series' 6

With 20 billion matches to date, Tinder is the world's most popular dating app and the best way to meet new people. Back to Tinder. Tinder; A Guide To Tinder A Guide To Tinder . Tinder Overview Can I upgrade my current Tinder subscription? Swipe Night . What is Swipe Night? Trouble Connecting to Swipe Night ; Swipe Party. Swipe Party; ...read more


Tinder swipes right on ‘Swipe Night’ by renewing it

Nov 5, 2021 · Tinder launched its first Swipe Night in the U.S. back in 2019, and had to postpone its global rollout in 2020 because of the pandemic. It eventually launched in Sept. 2020 with an apocalyptic ...read more